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Build by Teaching...

Unique Data Transformation Engine

  • Learns by example
  • User "explains" in data what they want to achieve
  • Complex IT "coding" is not required
  • System challenges this user as conflicts arise
  • Deterministic not AI

Built as a Model

  • Easy to move between machines/environments
  • System is always consistent
  • Learning(examples) are retained
  • Reduced future maintenance


Business Benefits

Faster Time to Market

  • Quick and easy build environment
  • Intuitive components and data flow
  • Model self-tests as its learning so no errors should appear

Business Agility
  • Quick to adjust
  • Automaticaly tested
  • Easy to deploy
  • Alterations are automatically tested against original behavior, so no unexpected errors
Reduced Maintenance
  • No reams of boiler plate code to understand
  • Documentation embedded is part of the model, so always there


Technology Considerations

Deployment Agnostic

  • Deploy equally on Desktop, On-prem or Cloud
  • SaaS and Licence models available
  • Java based central engine
  • Layered Architecture
  • Browser based

Multiple Applications

  • Project Feasibility Testing
  • Legacy System replacement
  • Data Integration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Complex Custom Web Applications
  • Process Automation / Business Scaling
  • Mobile Hybrid applications


Recent Projects

Supply Chain Providence

  • Fast build out and deployment
  • Flexiable Prototype phase
  • Cloud based
  • BlockChain Distributed Ledger

Data Injestion Platform
  • Disparate data sources
  • Complex agregation requirements
  • Quick integration with "fixed" downwind systems
Health Management
  • Expert knowledge captured as an expert system using the Rulevolution engine
  • Specialised domains with unique features


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